Special Sessions

CST 1 - Analytical and Numerical Developments in Elastodynamics of Discrete and Continuous Structural Systems
Professor Jiri Naprstek, Czech Republic and Professor Ranjan Banerjee, UK

CST 2 - Advanced Analysis of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures
Professor J.G. Santos da Silva, Brazil, Professor R.A. da Mota Silveira, Brazil, and Professor L.F. Costa Neves, Portugal

CST 3 - Probabilistic Approches to Structural Mechanics
Professor A. EL-Hami and Professor B. Radi, France

CST 4 - Non-deterministic modelling and uncertainty management in aerospace and civil engineering
Professor Jingrui Zhang, China, Professor Yi Zhang, China, Dr Sifeng Bi, China, and Professor Michael Beer, Germany

CST 5 - Adaptive Lightweight Structures
Professor S. Kmet, Slovakia

CST 6 - Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling for Complex Materials (MMCM16)
Professor Patrizia Trovalusci and Dr Nicholas Fantuzzi, Italy

CST 7 - Computational Stochastic Mechanics
Dr. Ioannis P. Mitseas, United Kingdom

CST 8 - Natural and Human Induced Ground Vibrations: modelling, mitigation and open challenges
Dr Pierfrancesco Cacciola, Dr Mariateresa Lombardo, Dr Alessandro Palmeri and Dr Alessandro Tombari, United Kingdom

CST 9 - Optimisation and design of aesthetic and complex bridge structures
Professor Luis Simoes and Dr Fernando Ferreira, Portugal

CST 10 - Computational Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Dr. Marcos Latorre, Spain

CST 11 - Machine Learning based solutions of PDEs
Professor Timon Rabczuk, Germany

CST 12 - Computational Modelling of Timber Structures
Professor Mark Bradford, Australia

CST 13 - Recent Advances in Topology Optimization
Dr Matteo Bruggi, Italy

CST 14 - Robust Structural Design
Professor Aniko Csebfalvi, Hungary

CST 15 - Seismic Design, Assessment and Retrofitting of Structures
Professor Humberto Varum, Portugal, Professor Bruno Briseghella, China, Prof. Camillo Nuti, Italy and Professor Enrico Spacone, Italy

CST 16 - Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring
Dr Dimitrios Giagopoulos, Greece, Dr Vasilis Dertimanis, Switzerland, Professor Costas Papadimitriou, Greece, and Asc. Professor Eleni Chatzi, Switzerland

CST 17 - Application of computer methods in the analysis of the impact of transport vibrations on buildings
Professor Krzysztof Stypula and Dr Alicja Kowalska-Koczwara, Poland

CST 18 - Seismic Analysis and Design of Bridges
Dr Arya Ebrahimpour, United States of America

CST 19 - Design of Structures with Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Devices: Optimisation and Robustness
Dr. D. De Domenico, Italy, Dr. Enrico Tubaldi, United Kingdom, Professor Laura Ragni, Italy Dr. Paolo Castaldo, Italy

CST 20 - Structural Modelling and Analysis of Automated Rack Supported Warehouses
Professor Walter Salvatore, Professor Silvia Caprili, Eng. Francesco Morelli and Eng. Agnese Natali, Italy

CST 21 - Recent Advances in Meshfree Methods
Professor G. Noh, Korea

CST 22 - Analysis, Design and Modelling of Structures Using Unconventional Construction Materials
Professor Yu Zheng, China and Dr Hexin Zhang, United Kingdom

CST 23 - Variable Stiffness Composites
Dr Alfonso Pagani, Italy

CST 24 - Modelling and Analysis of Masonry Arch Bridges and Vaulted Structures
Professor Bassam Izzuddin, Dr Lorenzo Macorini and Dr Bartolomeo Panto, United Kingdom

CST 25 - Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Professor Rui M.M. Carneiro de Barros, Portugal

CST 26  - Computational Efficient Models for Non-Linear Inelastic Analysis of Building Frameworks
Prof. Cosmin G. Chiorean, Romania
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CST 27 - Modern Trends and New Perspectives in Numerical Modelling of Historical Masonry Structures in Seismic Areas
Dr Francesco Clementi, Dr Antonio Formisano and Dr Gabriele Milani, Italy
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